Bathroom Policy

  • Only female volunteers should assist children in the restroom.

  • When a female volunteer helps a child, a second volunteer should stand with a foot in the door.

  • All children and volunteers must wash their hands after using the restroom.

Diaper Changing (by Females Only)

  • If the child has a diaper bag, use wipes and diapers provided.

  • Gently place the child on the changing pad. From this point on, do not turn away from a child on the changing table.

  • Put on gloves.

  • Remove the soiled diaper and place it in the designated wastebasket.

  • If clothes are soiled, remove them from the child, place them in a

  • Ziploc bag, and put them in the child’s diaper bag.

  • If there is not a change of clothes for the child, inform the Kids Director.

  • Inform the parents immediately why clothes have been changed or removed.

  • Clean the child with pre-moistened wipes.

  • Put a clean diaper on the child and remove him or her from the changing table.

  • Wipe the table and changing pad with disinfectant wipes or spray.

  • Remove gloves and place them in a wastebasket.

  • Wash or thoroughly disinfect hands.

  • Place a blue dot on the child’s name tag to show the parents that a diaper was changed.