Neighborhood dinners are simply designed to create opportunities for neighbors to get to know one another better by sharing a meal together.



Every other week, people from our church community host neighborhood dinners across the Westside. These dinners are open to everyone and we encourage people to bring some food to share.

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Click on neighborhood dinner information below to request specific information about the neighborhood dinner closest to where you live.




questions & answers

Q - Who goes to these things?

They are in different geographic regions of the Westside and are for people that live in, or close to, those areas. See map and cross streets listed above. Neighborhood dinners are not just for people that are part of the Collective Church community. Actually, we'd rather they not be.


Q - What goes on at a neighborhood dinner?

We just have dinner together and hang out enjoying one another's company. That's it. There's no catch, no bait and switch.


Q - Who provides the food?

We ask everyone to do the neighborly thing and bring something to share with others, whether it be a main dish, appetizer, something to drink, etc.


Q - What about Bible studies, prayer times, discipleship, etc?

You're looking for this.