It all started with two pastors believing that God was calling them to step away from a thriving church in Hollywood to plant a new church on the Westside. It would become Collective Church. Weekly prayer meetings began in in September of 2014 with a handful of people that wanted to see God do incredible things. It was God's mission that fueled the vision for the Westside.

By June of 2015, the core group that had been gathering weekly to pray had become over sixty people. We shifted gears, dividing into six neighborhood prayer groups, steadfast in our commitment to continue to pray for a minimum of twelve months before launching Sunday gatherings and becoming a fully expressed church.

Over the summer of 2015, these neighborhood prayer groups came together on Saturday nights to examine our theological beliefs as a church community and how it played out in real life. By the fall, our core group had grown to over ninety people who were committed to Jesus, one another, and the mission and vision of Collective Church.

We launched Sunday gatherings on Oct 18th, 2015 becoming a fully expressed church.